Youth Work 2.0. Volunteering Opportunity in Cyprus

Project description:

“Youth work 2.0” aims to improve the processes and competencies of youth workers for them to provide quality
opportunities and effective support to young people. It aims to reach this ultimate goal via improving its online existence and expanding its service zone by doing the activities via the use of the internet. Creating and improving the online existence for the youth, youth workers and other stakeholders in order to implement, share and raise awareness of the EU youth strategy (Engage,Connect and Empower) via online NFE methods.


  • Foster and develop increased opportunities for young people, by supporting them in creating grassroot initiatives and youth-led projects.
  • Empower marginalized youth and underrepresented youth and improve their capacities to become informed decision makers and change makers in their communities.
  • Explore and develop NFE methods and techniques and actively use these techniques on the topics of youth.
  • Enhance cross-sector innovation and collaboration with young people
  • Create networks and coalitions among youth organizations, young people across the EU and non-EU.
  • Create an environment that would favour the development of future Non-Formal Learning projects and cooperation in the education and volunteering field across Europe.
  • Improve the capacities of youth workers through the creation of capacity building processes.
  • Equip youth workers with the competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) in the use of digital technology.
  • Carry out a set of pilot sessions/workshops on youth work and relevant topics with a number of youth organization representatives in order to enrich/ localize/ adapt content to current needs and evaluate the proposed approach.

Volunteer’s profile:

  • Age 18-30 
  • Wants to be part of the process of creating material for digital campaigns and learn by doing. 
  • Has an interest in graphic design 
  • Open minded & creative, think outside of the box 
  • Eager to learn new information and likes research 
  • Has skills in video/photo editing and development 
  • Is comfortable with social media accounts (mainly Facebook & Instagram) 
  • Legal Resident or National of Turkey, Hungary, Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania

1. Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy that is a good fit for YEU Cyprus and its online existence mainly based on the European Youth Strategy of the EU Youth Policy and contents are oversimplified, catchy and informative.

2. Create web-content on a weekly basis and a youth-friendly website.

3. Create audiovisual material. A series of YouTube videos will be created through a call of volunteers.

4. Create policies for the organization or other youth NGO’s.

5. Create manuals for a series of workshops.

Period of the Project:
As soon as possible for a duration of one year.

Accommodation, Food and Pocket Money Allowance:

  • Accommodation: will be provided by YEU Cyprus at a house in the city of Nicosia.
  • Food and Pocket Money Allowance: Provided by YEU Cyprus.

Please read carefully the infopack:

How to Apply: After carefully reading the Info Pack, send your CV, Motivation Letter to or

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