2024 marks the 20th anniversary of Youth for Exchange and Understanding Cyprus (YEU Cyprus) as an offical NGO! 

Even though the first people consisting YEU Cyprus came together as an informal group in 1995, the
organisation was officially registered as an independent non profit, non governmental organization in
2004. Since its inception, the organization has designed and implemented numerous activities and
projects that advocate for the rights of young individuals, nurturing their potential to emerge as influential
contributors to society.

Throughout our 20 years of existence, the organization has launched a number of projects, organized
training courses and youth exchanges, developed publications and resources, established local and
international collaborations, and been an accredited hosting and sending organization for young people
all over Europe.

To reflect on our past work and to highlight the importance of youth work, we here at YEU Cyprus, are celebrating in 2024. Our celebrations will include a YEU Cyprus flashback, several non-formal activities and events to celebrate old and new members and contributors. 

Follow this page as well as our social media accounts to learn more about us and the upcoming activities and events! 

History of YEU Cyprus

Stories from our Volunteers

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