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Meet the Team

Meet our Officers

YEU operates through our hard working officers, who ensure that the needs and wants of both its participants and members are heard and implemented in the projects. Our officers are responsible for project writing, capacity-building, facilitating projects and hosting volunteers. 

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Maria Mavronicola
Project Officer / Writer

I am a very passisonate plant lover, I know how to grow trees out of seeds

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Mary Ioannidou
Executive Director

Mary has extensive experience in the NGO sector for more than seven years. Initially she was involved in YEU Cyprus as a volunteer and then as an employee, becoming the head of the office since 2016. Mary is responsible for managing & writing projects and coordinating volunteers. She has an interdisciplinary academic background in Chemistry and European Studies and Modern Languages and currently serves on the board of the Youth Council of the Municipality of Nicosia.

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Charalambos Papacharalambous
European Solidarity Corps Officer

Harris, holds a BA in Educational Sciences and an MA in Gender Studies, from the University of Cyprus. During his studies, he lived in Sweden-Uppsala for 1,5 years through Erasmus. He participated in one of YEU's projects four years ago which eventually led him back to the organisation as the project manager for the European Solidarity Corps program. 

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Nina Poulouzasvili
Project Officer

Nina has a background in architectural interior design, as well as dance and performance, she has been a youth-worker for over 7 years, working mostly with teenagers through the discipline of art being used as a tool for critical thinking. As a project officer at YEU Cyprus, she is responsible for the organisation and implementation of projects both on national and European level. She believes in blending generations where each one teaches one.

Meet our Board

YEU being a non-governmental, non-profit organisation is governed by the board of directors, which is comprised of 9 members that volunteer within the organisation to ensure the organisation is runs smoothly. The board is comprised from members of various background including Education, European Studies, Transcultural studies, Conflict prevention and peace building, Medicine, Event Management, Human Resources, Business, Chemistry, Environmental Studies, Gender Studies and Classical studies. This plurality of backgrounds gives the organization not only a great range of expertise that can be used for our projects, but also good representation of young people from a variety of sectors.

Chrystalla Panayi
President of YEU

Chrystalla works as a Senior Project manager and holds 2 bachelor's degrees in European Studies and Modern Languages and in Classical Studies from the University of Cyprus. If you find a half-eaten cookie in a jar, you can blame it on her, she just loves trying stuff and leaving a piece behind for others. 

Annita Tsolaki
Head of Volunteerism

Annita holds a BA in Sociology and Social Anthropology from the University of Kent, UK and an MA Political Sciences-International Relations from the University of Cyprus. She has worked as a youth worker at YEU Cyprus and she is currently working as an EU Project Manager and researcher at the DIAS media group. Through her work, she aims to raise awareness on several societal challenges, promote multidisciplinary analysis and offer sustainable and innovative solutions.

Irene Yerolemidou
Head of Capacity Building

Irene is a medical student at the University of Cyprus and she is extremely passionate about non-formal and peer-peer education. She has first met our Organisation through different Erasmus plus projects and local actions and she is a member of the Executive Board since November 2019. She really loves travelling, going to the theater and dancing.

Andriani Antoniadou
Head of Human Resources

Andriani believes that volunteerism is a great tool to teach young people how important their actions can be for the society. As a future primary school teacher, she wishes to empower kids and young people, encourage cooperation and collectiveness among them and promote open-mindedness and acceptance.

Andri Koumidou
Head of Communication

Andri holds a BA and MA in European Studies with a specialization in Cultural Anthropology and Modern History. She loves dancing, traveling, playing board games, spending time in nature, and discovering new places. By meeting people from all over the world, she realized how many similarities people share. 

Anatasia Yiannakou
Head of Finance

Anastasia is a qualified auditor with interest in education. She took part in a Youth Exchange through YEU that sparked her enthusiasm on Erasmus+ projects and non-formal education of the youth. She believes that educating the youth can bring social reform and can improve the condition of society.  

Kleovoulos Stylianou
Head of Fundraising

In 2021, he was the Secretary of International Relations in the Cyprus Youth Council representing YEU Cyprus. His primary concerns are on topics related to global citizenship and awareness-raising on issues related to social inclusion and the empowerment of young people with fewer opportunities. He completed his studies in Public & Business Administration with a Master degree in Film Producing.

Pantelis Kiriakidis
Head of Eco-Sustainability

Pan joined the board member team in January 2020. He graduated with a BSc in geophysics and carried on to complete an MSc in Environmental Technology by 2019. During his studies, he attended a Youth Exchange through YEU which acted as a catalyst for his relationship with Erasmus+ projects. Upon his return to Cyprus he joined YEU with the vision of further "greening" the projects that gave him the opportunity to not only explore different cultures and practices, but to also grow as an individual.

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