You & Me | Youth & Memory Activism

1 – 5 of October 2021 in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Travel dates:   1/10 ( Arrival) || 5/10 (Departure)

We are looking for 5 participants aged 18-30, living in Cyprus.

Read all about the project it here:

The “Youth and Memory activism” project aims to boost the relevance of youth in collective remembrance and memory politics, by stimulating exchanges of know-how and best practices in 3 European countries: Spain/ Cyprus/ Bosnia-Herzegovina. In this regard, “You&Me” raises shared questions about the troubled pasts in the 3 countries.

During three international workshops, public uses of memory will be questioned from multidisciplinary perspectives as a tool to achieve a more democratic society. The ambition of the youth exchanges is on the one hand to learn from other countries’ difficult pasts and how these are addressed today and on the other hand to question the tools which would encourage youth to become public memory players. 

The methodology of the project is based on non-formal education and experiential learning.  Young representatives from the three participant countries will gather to learn the history of other European regions and how these are dealing with troubled pasts through visits to memory sites or interviews with witnesses. 

About the activities:

In Sarajevo the participants of the three countries will meet for the first workshop of the You&Me project. In this part, participants will receive a two part education:

1. Through different lectures they find out more about the connection of art and remembrance

2. They receive a role to implement the knowledge they gained. At the end of the program, three groups of participants will create three performances, and how these performances will look like is in the power of their minds.

The goal for us is to see- how does the youth approach remembrance.

  • Travel Budget: 275 EUR per participant
  • Accommodation & 3 course meal will be provided by the programme.

To Apply please complete the form:

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