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About Us
YEU - Youth for Exchange and Understanding
Established in 1995 with the aim to foster closer co-operation and better understanding among the young people of the world.  

Ever since, YEU Cyprus strives to encourage young people to become active members of our society on a local, national and European level and empowers the voice of young people through Structured Dialogue aiming at policy making under the Erasmus+ and other programmes.  

YEU Cyprus organizes and delivers Training Courses, Youth Exchanges and European Solidarity Corps projects for its members on different thematics, using non-formal education tools with a focus on youth development, awareness raising and capacity building.

Who We Are

YEU Cyprus advocates on the rights of young people with regards to having a voice in the Cypriot society and beyond; specifically on matters of human rights, sustainable development, intercultural education and youth participation. This is achieved by coordinating and collaborating in various international and local activities and events through mobilities and other local and European projects.

  • We provide opportunities for all young people that reside in Cyprus to participate and engage in matters related to social, economical, cultural development of themselves and their communities through non-formal education and experiential learning. The organization has great experience in NFE, since it is one of the first youth organizations implementing non-formal methods in Cyprus, advocates for NFE on a national level and supports lifelong learning through its actions.
  • We are currently represented in the board of the Cyprus Youth Council and in the board of the Youth Council of the Municipality of Nicosia, advocating on behalf of young people for better representation and a number of other youth related issues. Through both representations the organization had the opportunity to represent Cyprus not only on a European level in various conferences, but also on a National level in a series of stakeholder meetings with Municipalities and other governmental bodies.

YEU Cyprus has currently four employees, seven volunteers through a long-term ESC project and nine active volunteers as part of our Board of Directors. All employees and volunteers are young people with experience in youth work, the NGO sector and motivated in creating quality opportunities for young people in Cyprus and in Europe. Furthermore, they are all experienced in mobilities and projects through NFE and experiential learning, some even being trainers and facilitators.

Our Values & Mission

Active Citizenship

  • Provide the space for exchange of information, experiences and ideas
  • Give young people the opportunity to become social actors on a local and global level

Human Rights

  • Advocate for human rights and mental health education
  • Promote close cooperation and better understanding among young people 


  • Empower and engage young people to create the change they want to see in our societies and the world
  • Nurture sustainability and peace building

Cultural Exchange

  • Endorse cultural heritage
  • Foster intercultural education
  • Tackle racism, xenophobia and radicalisation 

Awareness & Inclusion

  • Establish synergies for awareness raising
  • Advocate youth rights through a bottom-up approach and raise the voice of the youth in society

Non-Formal Learning

  • Offer educational opportunities through non-formal education and experiential learning

Our Stakeholders