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Youth for Exchange and Understanding Cyprus (YEU Cyprus)

YEU Cyprus came together as an informal group in 1995, and was officially registered as an independent non profit, non governmental organization/ association (Reg. No. 2709) in 2004.  

Being a members-based organization, we are an organization created by and for young people. Our members not only engage in our diverse activities and avail themselves of the opportunities tailored for them, but they also play a pivotal role in shaping our priorities, strategic vision, and operational trajectory during each phase of our journey.  

Presently, YEU Cyprus has a dedicated team of four employees, and supported by seven volunteers participating in a long-term European Solidarity Corps (ESC) project. The organization is governed by seven dynamic volunteers who form our Board of Directors.

Our Vision and Mission

At YEU Cyprus, we firmly believe the concept of closer cooperation and better understanding among the global youth community  

Our organization is dedicated to advocating for the rights of young individuals, nurturing their potential to emerge as influential contributors to society. We are committed to fostering a culture of engagement and empowerment, both within our immediate community and extending far beyond the borders of Cyprus. Through dynamic initiatives, activities and projects, we aspire to create a world where young people are equipped, inspired, and connected to shape positive change, not only locally but on a global scale.

What We Do

YEU Cyprus is dedicated to creating meaningful experiences and implementing impactful youth oriented projects, at a local and transnational level. We specialize in a range of activities, including organizing and facilitating workshops, conducting training courses, and orchestrating dynamic youth exchanges.  

Our work extends beyond the surface; we're committed to thorough research and mapping endeavors. These efforts contribute to a wealth of insightful publications and multimedia materials that we produce.  

At the heart of our approach is a dedication to non-formal education. We harness the power of experiential learning to fuel youth development, foster awareness, and build essential capacities. This drive is fueled by our core areas of focus: human rights, sustainable development, intercultural education, and youth participation  

Through this comprehensive approach, we aim to empower young individuals with the knowledge, skills, and perspectives they need to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

Our Values & Mission

Active Citizenship

  • Cultivate an environment of open dialogue and idea exchange.
  • Enable youth to become impactful contributors at local and global levels.

Awareness & Inclusion

  • Forge partnerships to amplify awareness and understanding.
  • Champion youth rights, fostering participation and influence.
  • Promote mental health and well-being awareness for all.

Cultural Exchange & Dialogue

  • Encourage intercultural empathy and effective communication.
  • Facilitate collaboration, fostering a spirit of unity among young people.

Human Rights

  • Advocate for equal rights of all, with a particular focus on youth.
  • Confront racism, xenophobia, and radicalization, upholding equality.


  • Equip youth to be agents of positive change, driving societal and global progress.
  • Embrace sustainability and peace-building as shared responsibilities.

Transparency & Accountability

  • Embody principles of integrity, honesty, and equitable conduct.
  • Foster a transparent dialogue between youth and decision-makers.
  • Combat corruption and promote effective governance through active involvement.

Our Stakeholders

The European Solidarity Corps Experience at YEU

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