Volunteering opportunities in Poland, Lębork region

The EDUQ association is a dynamically developing organization, which for over 13 years of operation has become the largest non-governmental organization in the Lębork subregion, supporting youth, adults and other entities in the field of education, international cooperation, social and professional activation and regional development.

The organization has established and runs continuously and systematically various organizational units and/or programs. 

At the moment the organisation is searching for the European Solidarity Corps volunteers in various places – from senior home to animation center. We invite you to check the opportunities and choose the one that is most interesting for you!

Language Primary School

  • pupils between 7 and 14
  • supporting children with disabilities during breaks
  • supporting the library teacher in conducting activities, also making a presentation on the greatest canons of the volunteer’s country’s literature for students, planning other types of events or activities to implement with the help of the librarian
  • conducting presentations on the country of origin, participation in e-twinning and Erasmus + projects; creativity and ingenuity of the volunteer are welcome
  • supporting the teacher conducting sports activities, including acrobatics, ‘active tourism’, dancing, football, swimming activities
  • getting to know the pupils’ culture, promoting the culture of the volunteer’s country and deepen mutual understanding of otherness.

Duration: 57 days

Secondary School

  • supporting the library teacher in conducting the activities, also making a presentation on the greatest canons of the volunteer’s country’s literature for students, planning other types of events or activities to implement with the help of the librarian
  • conducting presentations, participating in e-twinning projects
  • helping the teacher conduct sports activities, including acrobatics

Duration: 10-12 months


  • working with kindergarten kids
  • preparing a presentation based on photos, music, short films presenting the volunteer’s country of origin
  • introducing songs from children’s repertoire and games,
  • teaching and learning basic vocabulary and phrases – both sides, sensitizing to tolerance, respect
  • taking part in various activities – culinary circle – learning about traditional Polish dishes, introducing children to traditional dishes from the volunteer’s region of origin
  • taking part in trips to the museum, cinema, theatre
  • performing tasks, accompanying them in play, helping them to overcome shyness, motivating to use English while playing, talking

Duration: 57 days

Youth Center

  • supporting animators and instructors in working with young people and children during after-school clubs and workshops, e.g. art, handicraft, self-defense, cooking, dancing, etc.:
  • helping with organizing a meal for children
  • helping with carrying out daily activities in the club, like learning English, language animations, sports, art
  • conducting language classes, a language and intercultural cafe for young people
  • co-conducting workshops for children and the youth in accordance with the interests and talents of volunteers
  • running workshops for families in accordance with the interests and talents of volunteers, including realizing own projects
  • assisting in the implementation of voluntary initiatives, the participants of which are children and young people from the Volunteer Club

Duration: 57 days

Centre for Social Integration

  • for people at risk of social exclusion – supporting the work of instructors in the gastronomic and tailor-handicraft workshops and renovation:
  • supporting the participants in their work in the tailor’s and gastronomic workshops
  • conducting integration, language and animation classes as part of social activation
  • conducting intercultural activities
  • keeping photo and film documentation of CIS activities

Senior’s club

  • supporting the daily work of the staff:
  • helping with preparing a daily breakfast for seniors
  • helping with organizing activities for seniors, like trips, sports, artistic activities, etc.
  • co-conducting language, art, sports, culinary, intercultural, etc. classes for seniors in accordance with the interests and talents of the volunteer
  • assisting the coordinator of the volunteer club in the implementation of charity actions
  • co-conducting cyclical meetings for volunteers – running short thematic workshops in English
  • helping with the organization of conferences, workshops and other events
  • conducting meetings and presentations on the European Solidarity Corps

Duration: 10-12 months

Social Animation Centre

  • environmental animation – organizing free time in integration playgrounds and recreational areas:
  • organizing sports and animation activities in integration backyards and recreational areas
  • helping with organizing workshops and the street festival
  • assisting in the implementation of mini-grants – activity vouchers
  • implementing own initiatives for the local environment
  • cooperating with the social animator and street workers

Duration: 10-12 months

We are looking for: aged 18 – 30; a person full of enthusiasm and commitment, curious about the world, open to people and other cultures, able to work in a team. Communicative knowledge of English is preferred, knowledge of the language of the country in which the volunteering project is carried out is welcome.

For further information, please check the official website of EDUQ .

If you want to come to Lębork, please fill out the form .

In case of any questions please contact eks@eduqlebork.pl

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