International Workcamps. Solidarites Jeunesses (France). September-October

Solidarités Jeunesses - dreaming, building and transforming the world through worksites, volunteering and voluntary work in France and abroad. Each year, Solidarités Jeunesses offers 3,000 projects and sends more than 700 volunteers to 80 countries. In partnership with our national and international networks, 300 Civic Service and European Solidarity Corps (ex-EVS) projects are organised. Solidarités Jeunesses is a popular education movement that promotes the construction of peace.
This time Solidarités Jeunesses provides the selection of 5 programmes in different parts of France. Check it out, find the one that suits you best and dive into the adventure! 
  1. Together lets build a college wall. September 9-31st.

Saint-Genis-de-Saintonge is a commune in the southwest of France, located in the heart of the Charente countryside, near the forest of La Lande and a short distance from the banks of the Gironde eastuary. This commune is a historical partner of the association, with whom we realized the first workcamps on the territory of Cherente-Maritime in 1996.

Supervised by two technical referents specialized in masonry, you will work on the restoration of a wall at the entrance of the College of Saint-Genis-De-Saintonge.

2. The secrets of the medieval garden. September 15-30th.

The Chateau de Brizac has been a co-castle for centuries. Indeed, sinde the 13th century, it has been the seat of a co-lordship following a complicated succession. So coplex that until the revolution, it remained separated into two sets of habitats within the same fortified enclosure despite the various occupations, wars and revolts.

You will be in charge of the creation of a medieval square, a typical garden of the monasteries and the herbalists of this period.

3. At the Charentais Lavoir. September 9-30th.

Each year, by welcoming volunteers and international work sites, the municipality of Montendre works to restore its heritage and contributes to the enhancement of intercultural exchanges. Indeed this town of 3000 inhabitats hosts one of the internatonal centers of Solidarites Jeunesses: the Maison des Bateleurs. Also, in order to preserve and enhance its historical and identity heritage, the municipality of Montendre implements an international project every year.

You will intervene, accompanied by two technical supervisors, on the restoration of the Lavoir. The objective will be to carry out traditional masonry work: de-jointing, digging joints then re-pointing with lime mortar.

4. Let’s build together. September 26th – October 16th

Clion-sur-Seugne is a rural municipality in the vicinity of Jonzac, in Charente-Maritime. In partnership with the Maison des Bateleurs – Solidarites Jeunesses, the Town Hall plans to create an intercultural link between international volunteers and locals, including children. Thus, the renovation of a common ground will be the justification for starting this joyful meeting.

You will intervene, accompanied by a technical supervisor, on the restoration of a structure in a land to collective use by the premises. The aim will be to carry out traditional masonry work: de-jointing, digging joints and then re-jointing with lime mortar.

5. World Garden. October 1-22nd.

The PRAHDA from St. Aulaye and the Ami24Questi association are our partners for the INVOLVE project which aims to allow widowed people from countries outside Europe to better integrate into our territory and to meet the local social environment, in particular by participating in voluntary activities in favor of the environment and heritage. In parallel with this project, we will intervene in the shared garden that we have started to implement, and in the courtyard of PRADHA.

You will be in charge of the construction of outdoor furniture and gardening, and creation of local intercultural activities.

We are looking for participants who are interested in this topic and are:

  • over the age of 18
  • have a good level of English,
  • who will be willing and committed to participate actively in mentioned activities

Further information about each project you can find in the infopack. Please read it carefully!

(To apply, complete the form.) In case of ESC use this: To apply, please send your CV and motivation letter to

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