Last minute call! Maison de l’Europe volunteering opportunities starting September-October

Maison de l’Europe/CENTRE EUROPE DIRECT has two open positions for one year of volunteering in France. If you are interested in organizing workshops for kids and youth in a social center or would like to be teaching pupils about citizenship and tolerance in a boarding school, we invite you to take a look and apply!


Lead workshops in social center of Montval-Sur-Loir!

The social center is a space dedicated to residents. It is a local space, open to all, without discrimination, offering a friendly welcome. The teams made up of volunteers and professionals
offer activities, entertainment and services that promote involvement, taking on responsibility, discovery and autonomy. It has set up participatory projects so that the inhabitants take initiatives, carry out actions that concern all generations from early childhood to the elderly, including the family. The actions developed can take various forms: cultural, sporting, educational, preventive development actions, support actions for people in and the fight against all exclusions.

For more information on this opportunity read the infopack .

Encourage cultural openness in the rural areas surrounding the city of Le Mans!

Help to develop the cultural openness of young pupils and students from rural areas and participate in their learning of citizenship and tolerance. Stimulate their curiosity on intercultural aspects and encourage them to discover Europe! Become a volunteer in a training centre for teenagers and young people who are not familiar at all with Europe, in the rural area surrounding the city of Le Mans.

For more information on this opportunity read the infopack .

The organization is looking for youngsters between 18 and 30 y.o. interested in spending one year in France. It is not mandatory to know French for being recruited, but a motivation to learn it is valued.

To apply, please send your CV and filled in form to .

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