Youth Meetings Movement

  • Funded by: Erasmus + Programme KA2
  • Leader organization: Asociación de libre-pensadores de la sierra (LPS) Spain


  • Asociación de libre-pensadores de la sierra (LPS) Spain 
  • Youth Peace Ambassadors Network Poland (YPAN Poland) Poland 
  • Take Action Belgium (TAB) Belgium 
  • Centro studi sereno regis (CSSR) Italy 
  • Sende (Sende) Portugal
  • VSI ”Misko istorijos” (VSI) Lithuania


To empower young people to become leaders in the search for sustainable and peaceful solutions for local issues by equipping them with skills to establish a “Youth Meeting Movement” based on social responsibility, integration and Participatory democracy understood as an useful tool for representative institutions at the local level.


1. Develop the participants’ understanding of community building processes, as well as their skills in themanagement and facilitation of these processes;

2. Design and test the formula of “youth meetings” understood as a structured and directed meetings as avaluable tool for local policy makers.

3. Design and disseminate the innovative tool “Guide of facilitation of Youth Communities” based onresearch that ensures a sustainable and scalable impact to other communities and organizations;

4. Create a proven European reference, with an online presence, quality documentary support, a group of specialized facilitators and a manifesto with support of civil society organizations;

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