YE Story Tell A Right 

YEU Cyprus partnered with 6 other NGOs, to realize the “STAR: StoryTell A Right” Youth Exchange. Specifically, the participants were from Greece, Egypt, Armenia, Estonia, Bulgaria and Ukraine. This resulted in a diverse group of 42 young people, who all came together in Dymes village from the 2nd until the 11th of September 2019, to explore the concept of human rights through the art of storytelling and video making. The project was supported by the European Commission, through the Erasmus+ program. The methods used during the youth exchange were based on non-formal education and Experiential Learning. 

The overall aim of the project was to improve the level of awareness of young people, including marginalized youth, on the topic of human rights, anti-discrimination, and social inclusion in European and non-European countries. Including countries with different religious backgrounds, we managed to promote diversity, and intercultural and inter-religious dialogue by using non-formal educational activities. Participants were equipped with skills and digital competencies, to be able to transfer the knowledge and fundamentals gained through this exchange, to their local communities. Such skills include storytelling techniques, as well as, video making and editing. 

The activities, built around the principles of non-formal education and experiential learning included: a workshop on human rights awareness and empathy, a contact with locals in Limassol and Dymes, workshops to unleash creativity and storytelling techniques, and workshops on photography, filming, and video editing. 

Bringing together a group of people from different EU and non countries we raised awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries and promoted European and global citizenship and identity. Participants have the opportunity to expand their network, in a personal, but also in a professional way, with international contacts.


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