#GetUpStandup aimed to raise awareness on remembrance, common history, and human rights principles of the EU. By remembering the historical facts of the German student movement, Prague spring, the French May 1968, the Italian Movement of 1968, and the anti-dictatorship movements in Spain and Greece, we examined the differences between the civil movements and political rights from 1968 until today. 

During the first phase of the project, each organisation organised a public intervention, intending to engage bystanders in discussions on previous and current civil rights movements and the distribution of human rights. 

In the second phase, a public debate was organised in each country, concerning the distribution of human rights on a local level, comparing the previously mentioned historical moments with current ones and how citizens advocate for those rights.  

The third phase of the project was structured dialogue conferences, one in each country. The aim was to come up with effective tools to maximize civil engagement in advocacy and more active democratic participation by bringing together young people and decision-makers. The outcomes and recommendations of this conference have been compiled into policy papers which were distributed to the appropriate institutions of each country. 

The last phase of the project, the international training courses, were implemented in Cyprus, Italy, and the Czech Republic. Each T/C has examined the theory and practices of human rights advocacy in the EU.

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