SCALE – Assessing and shaping youth work from Contextual perspectives

The project includes three different organisations in terms of activities, however, they share the same vision and try to help young people with fewer opportunities. The project includes two transnational meetings (the kick-off meeting and the final evaluation meeting) as well as a five-day long learning activity in Stockholm that includes participants from all the organisations who are either personnel or professionals in the field of NEET or NEET and RNEET. 

During the learning activity, participants and personnel from each organisation shared their knowledge and experiences and created a framework for the proactive inclusion of RNEET and NEET youngsters. The manual includes a behavioral description of these youngsters as well as some risk and safety factors for both groups (NEET and RNEET). It also includes a graph that separates EET, RNEET and NEET where young people can place themselves on the graph according to the risk and safety factors. This can lead to the youngsters to identify where they belong and where they need to be guided. The manual is useful for professionals who work with young people to identify whether someone is in this category and needs assistance. The manual is also useful for young people as they can put themselves in the graph created and take the necessary measures.

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