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This Erasmus + KA2 Project aimed to raise awareness of young Europeans about the non-discrimination of refugees, through volunteering and by the use of social media. Social media was promoted as a tool for raising awareness and guidelines were made to design  and reach awareness for youth to avoid racism and xenophobia in European countries hosting refugees. Furthermore, the project aimed to develop the skills of youth workers to encourage volunteering with refugees in host countries and promote the participation of youth volunteerism by encouraging the inclusion of refugees already established in different European countries. 

During the project implementation transnational meetings were carried out in the preparation phase and another in the evaluation phase, training and best practices in which youth workers were trained on how to do a campaign awareness. Youth workers had to replicate these campaigns through volunteerism and in a combination of a mobility activity. The mobility activity entailed the young people who had designed the best awareness campaign for them to exchange experiences and develop an awareness at a European level. 

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