FAmily BUsiness Successful Succession – FABUSS 

FABUSS, FAmily BUsiness Successful Project aims at helping youth that is related to a Family Business become effective successors. The target group of this project was 18 – 35 years old people, who would take over their Family Business, at some point in the future 

The project aimed to increase awareness among the Family Business community and especially the younger generation of issues such as business face, the balance between family ownership and business, to identify and highlight best practices for training and supporting next-generation family business leaders, to equip next generation leaders with the required knowledge, skills and networks – national and international, to support the longevity of family business, their renewal and internationalization to enforce their socio-economic contribution, to increase the visibility of family businesses and develop tools to gain a better understanding of the sector. That was done by the facilitation of traineeships and exchanges, to let youth share their experiences, and other learning activities, enhancing entrepreneurial attitudes and skills and supporting efforts to define the learning outcomes of such activities. The final goal was to promote the development of tools to allow young people to assess and present their entrepreneurial skills and competencies. 

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