Social Solidarity in Cyprus

 The aim of the project was to hear the views of youth on matters of social inclusion and racism in Cyprus and to urge young people to learn and discuss with policy makers about these issues themselves. Specifically, social inclusion involving the disabled, LGBTQI, minorities of Cyprus, women, foreigners, and others, for young people to not only recognize that these people have the same status as others and that diversity should not trigger racism and social exclusion, but also to allow them to share their opinion about their positions and ideas with regards to guidelines and solutions for these inclusion issues. The idea was to promote the findings of this conference for authorities to take them into account. Through this project, an opportunity for participation was given to Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots, Armenians, Maronites, Latins, but also social groups often suffering discrimination as women, LGBTQI, disabled or foreigners (ie. recognized refugees or immigrants) living permanently in Cyprus to discuss and express how they envision an ideal society and how this can be done, what can we do about it, how their own participation will promote citizenship and what initiatives and obligations they believe we should take into consideration to create a better future. 

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