EVS – Cultural Caravan

It was a 12-month project with four volunteers, Gioia from Italy, Benjamin from Hungary, Barbara from Portugal, and Juan Jose from  Spain.  The project mission was to organize different leisure time, as well as, educational activities for young people, to help them find different creative ways to spend their free time. At the same time, we aimed to help them learn new things, such as speaking a new language, getting to know a new culture, and also coming nearer to their traditions. The volunteer’s organised activities that would help the Cypriot community to explore their identity and find ways to become more active as a citizen.  

The aim of the project was for residents in Cyprus to become more active citizens, by organising different events for the society and promoting volunteerism.  A lot of young people in Cyprus were at that time unemployed and quite frustrated because they did not feel that they were productive in any way. It was also noticed that there were quite of several young people who were either asylum seekers, political refugees, or even human trafficking victims which again had no activities provided to them as an escape from their daily routine or even education for their personal improvement. The project’s goal was to promote their inclusion in society and help them find ways to use their energy in a creative way.  

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