“Acts of Young People” (ACT’s)

The project initially took place on 25-29 April in Pedoulas village, to bring together educators, youth workers, activists and  policy makers from seventeen different countries: Cyprus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Lithuania, Romania, United Kingdom, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Slovakia, Spain, Greece, Poland, Portugal. 

The main target was to increase and promote youth participation in society and to strengthen democratic life. The activities foreseen in this project had two phases: first, consultations with young people in the form of questionnaires, with a view to find out their needs on matters relating to participation in democratic life and secondly, a conference/meeting between young people where decision-makers/youth experts were invited to talk about the theme of participation in democratic life. In the second phase, our aim was to conclude to a set of concrete recommendations which can be used on a national and/or European level.  

With this project, YEU Cyprus could show young people and policymakers that there are many ways to be involved in participatory democracy; and explain how we, as active citizens, can change the system with a bottom-up approach. This way, could stimulate a debate about the obstacles that prevent people from fully using these rights and encourage them to participate. 

Results: https://www.yeucyprus.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Policy-Paper-ACTS.pdf

Announcement: https://www.yeucyprus.org/acts-of-young-people-pedoulas-village-25-29-april-2017/

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