METHODS AGAINST WAR – International seminar on antimilitarist education and protest

No war anywhere! More than ever, we need to stand up against the atrocities, the reality and the threat of warfare, nuclear weapons, arms industries and military conscription. We need to stand in solidarity with those who are directly affected by the violence resulting from them. And we need to become many more who are dedicated to peace, disarmament and diplomacy!

Let’s exchange and develop methods for antimilitarism! This seminar works like a „tool fair“. This means
that most of the seminar will be a methods exchange: Participants bring methods for education and
protest that they use in their antimilitarist activism and introduce them to the rest of the group. We then
reflect on each method and try to find ways how we can use them in our work with volunteers and
young people, be it in street protests, school workshops, trainings or volunteering camps.


  • Participants should be antimilitarist activists, educators, trainers, youth workers,
    staff or active volunteers in the participating organizations (residents in Cyprus or Cypriots abroad)
  • be over 18 years old or older
  • be able to work in English
  • be interested in the the topics of the seminar and have a strong motivation to act as a multiplier
  • able to attend for the full duration of the seminar

If you are interested in this opportunity, please read the infopack the very carefully!

And submit your application with this form!

For help or other information’s contact:,

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