CONNECT – Countering Online Hate Speech through Youth Work

“CONNECT – Countering Online Hate Speech through Youth Work” Training Course will
address and transform online hate speech in a safe and transformative way. Through the joint
efforts of the 10 organizations involved, Training Course aims to equip 30 youth workers and
educators from the EU (Italy, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Greece) and Neighboring Partner
countries (Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine) with necessary skills, knowledge and
tools to support young people’s fight against online oppressive narratives, propaganda and
hate speech.


The Training Course pursues the following main objectives:

  • Creating a network of activists, youth workers, educators and youth organizations who
    combat online hate speech and building their capacity in campaigning against online hate
    speech with both a national and European dimension
  • Exploring the notion of hate speech and examining its main roots, inspiring youth workers
    to find out innovative mechanisms and solutions in fighting hate speech, targeting different
    layers of society
  • Equipping youth workers and educators with skills, knowledge and tools to provide quality
    training for young people and support them to recognize and transform hateful speech online
  • Exploring various good practices and developing local campaigns, educational activities and
    materials that support young people to combat hate speech online
  • Improving internet and media competences of youth workers and educators so they are
    better equipped to counter hate speech online and are to promote responsible internet
    presence and conscious content generation among young people they work with


  • Youth workers range from 18 to 30
  • Fluent in English
  • Resident of one of the participating countries
  • Available for the whole duration of the Training

If you are interested in this opportunity, please read the infopack the very carefully!

And submit your application with this form!

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