Food for Thought

Kastellaun, Germany

Food for Thought is a project designed by IJGD (Germany) in colaboration with MAGNET (Serbia) and its activities will be hosted in both countries. Participants who take part in the first activity automatically qualify to attend the second activity as well, if they wish to do so.

The aim of this project is to promote well-being and active citizenship and make the participants challenge stereotypes and norms about gender and class so that they are empowered to live their lives in a fuller and more free way, have greater respect for other ways of life, and make more informed consumer choices.

Project Objectives:
• To give an introduction to the social construction of gender and how class and
gender intersect.
• To give an introduction to sustainable food production and consumption and its
societal benefits.
• To give an introduction to how gender and class affect consumption.
• To initiate a change in attitudes towards consumption as it relates to gender, class
and sustainability.
• To develop life skills, including cooking and sharing responsibilities among
members of a household (short-term or longterm) with particular attention given to
gender norms and class differences as they apply to divisions of labour.
• To promote healthy living by promoting a plant-based diet among young people.
• To introduce young people coming from disadvantaged background with the tools
and technics on how to apply lessons learned in their daily lives.

Participants Profile:

  • youth workers
  • trainers
  • educators
  • project managers
  • young people active in youth work in their organizations

If you are interested in this project, please read the info-pack carefully!

To apply, please fill in the form.

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