ESC Volunteering, in Romania – Arad

Would you like to volunteer in the field of youthwork?

Join the European Solidarity Corps and become part of the Ofensiva Tinerilor, for 6 months!

Project Goals:

  • to foster an inclusive attitude among at least 500 local youngsters from the Arad county;
  • to improve/increase the support that 200 youngsters from vulnerable groups receive (mainly youngsters with disability, from the Roma community, etc.);
  • to promote solidarity with persons belonging to vulnerable groups among 24 youngsters from 6 countries through local and international volunteering activities; to promote solidarity with persons from vulnerable groups and is set to achieve this through local and international volunteering activities;
  • to engage young people and local organisations to create and implement solidarity activities that promote social inclusion.

Project Activities:

The main tasks include:

  • Anti-discrimination workshops in schools, with more than 2000 beneficiaries;
  •  Training activities for teachers in the field of inclusion and non-formal education, with over 20 schools involved;
  • Training activities for youth workers and young volunteers, with more than 200 persons trained who multiplied the
    programme with more than 2500 young people;
  • Volunteering activities in favor of vulnerable groups, with more than 100 young people involved.
  • The intervention model we are proposing, based on the lessons learned in previous projects, includes a three-way approach analysed in the info-pack below.

Your Characteristics:

The ideal volunteer should have the following characteristics:

  • Between 18-30 years old;
  • Open and interested in working with persons from the vulnerable groups that we refer to as target groups;
  • Able to place this experience in a long-term perspective ofpersonal and professional development;
  • Willing to learn new working methods and develop the necessary skills for organising inclusive activities;
  • Ready to adapt to a flexible working programme, but also to follow the responsibilities he/she will be assigned with;
  • Being open to leave their comfort zone and integrate into a foreign country, different in terms of customs, traditions, mentality, culture etc;
  • Having difficulties in choosing a career or without employment options due to lack of practical experience.
  • You have to be a resident of Cyprus.

Further Information:

  • Accommodation provided. Shared room of two.
  • Food allowance provided.
  • International transport is covered to a certain amount. The EU sets a budget depending on the distance. 
  • Local transportation in Arad covered.
  • Read the call in the info pack  here.

To Apply:

Send your CV and Motivation letter to , no later than the end of September.


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