YURI Workshop for Youth workers & Educators

YURI Workshop for Youth Workers and Educators

YEU Cyprus invites you to a workshop designed for youth workers and educators. The workshop focuses on promoting urban-rural youth dialogues for collective and green entrepreneurship.

📍YEU CYPRUS, Room2, Grigoriou Xenopoulou 19-Flat 2, Nicosia

What to expect:

👉Presentation of the YURI handbook.  👉 Experimentation with the handbook activities 👉 Registration required. Registration form: https://forms.gle/4FNBVzU5J5H17CNQ6 

About the project:

The project “YURI – Intercultural urban-rural youth dialogues for collective entrepreneurship” is a 18-month Erasmus+ strategic partnership in the field of youth involving 7 organizations in 6 countries: CEPAIM (Spain), CESIE (Italy), Élan Interculturel (France), KMOP Policy Center (Belgium), La Xixa Teatre (Spain), XWHY (Lithuania) and YEU (Cyprus). 

The project aims to promote inclusion, dialogue and diversity, while fostering the spirit of initiative of young people and action on climate and sustainability.

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