ESC Volunteering, in Denmark.

Work with AFS Interkultur in a 12 months ESC volunteering in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Would you like to volunteer in the field of youthwork?

Join the European Solidarity Corps and become part of the AFS Interkultur for 12 months!

Project Description:

The volunteer will be part of the 18+ team in the office which consists of four staff members.

The volunteer will also be a member of the volunteer 18+ committee which is in charge of planning and implementing 3-day orientations for 18+ participants, conducting information meetings for potential applicants, organising presentations at educational institutions, etc.

The volunteer will be part of both the key staff members and volunteers to get an in-depth understanding of the way AFS Interkultur is organising its activities in Denmark and how we work with our volunteers.

Project Activities:

The main tasks include:

  • Being the liaison between the AFS office and the AFS volunteers in charge of the 18+ programme work, helping them recruit new volunteers and motivate the existing, preparing orientations for Danish and foreign participants in our 18+ programmes, etc. This will give you a thorough knowledge and experience in how to work with volunteers in a volunteer-driven organization.
  • You will be taking part in the weekly evening meetings of the volunteer committee.
  • You will also be responsible for and participate in the NGOs Global Competence Certificate, where the organisation trains and certifies youth in intercultural learning.
  • You will be directly involved in the implementation of meetings and orientations as co-facilitator, including the 4 x 3-day weekend orientations offered to our 18+ participants. This will enable you to get a hands-on experience in the running of volunteer youth activities and doing workshops/presentations. Among other topics, the orientations will be about team building, solidarity cultural encounters and conflict resolution.
  • You will be trained as a facilitator of the intercultural learning course offered to 18+ participants giving him/her an in-depth understanding of intercultural learning.
  • You will be trained and work on programmatic and administrative issues linked to AFS youth exchange and voluntary service programmes such as public relations, quality assurance, project management, networking and partnership building, etc.
  • Your learning process in the above fields will be supported by on-the-job training whenever needed, structured and informal discussions as well as regular planning and sum-up meetings.
  • You will have access to and will work with publications and online information about different types of youth and voluntary service programmes and implementation guidelines, which will enable you to gain knowledge about such programmes and the issues at stake when implementing international youth exchange and voluntary service programmes.
  • The NGO is very open to the volunteer’s interests and learning goals. If you have specific skills  you want to develop it will be possible to tailor the tasks in the scope of what the NGO does.

Your Characteristics:

The ideal volunteer should have experience with, and/or interest within:

  • Intercultural learning and communication.
  • Working with volunteers in a volunteer-driven organization.
  • Travelling and cultural experiences.
  • Being fluent in English is mandatory.
  • PC literacy (Word, Excel) is mandatory. Other digital skills are an asset.
  • The NGO prefers a creative person who enjoys speaking in front of a crowd and who is motivated to work in a dynamic intercultural atmosphere.
  • The ideal volunteer should be prepared to work also in the evenings and weekends.
  • The volunteer should also be diligent and reliable and willing to work overtime in peak seasons.
  • You can apply if you are between 18 and 30 years old.

  • You have to be a resident of Cyprus.

Further Information:

  • Accommodation provided.
  • Food allowance and pocket money provided (approx 280 Euros).
  • International transport is covered to a certain amount. The EU sets a budget depending on the distance. 
  • Read the call on the NGOs website (link) for more info.

To Apply:

Check the organisation’s website for instructions (link to website)

Deadline is by the 12th of June.

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