Youth Exchange. Europe in the time of crisis. Crisis 1: Climate Change. Germany, Berlin, 19-28 September , 2022

„Europe in the time of Crisis” is an international youth exchange aiming to strengthen feeling of responsibility of young people for the world that surrounds us. During the project we will analyze political dimension of climate change – try to understand different interests that are holding society from taking immediate action, to understand political processes connected to it and reflect on its impact on our lives.

Project will take place in Germany, Berlin on 19-28th of September.

Participant description:

  • 18-30 y.o. youth who are interested in environmental issues;
  • are fluent in English;
  • will be willing and committed to participate actively in ALL sessions (about 8 hours a day).

We are looking for 6 youth participants and 1 team leader (above 18 y.o.) from Cyprus. Team leader should be willing to have a preparatory call with other leaders of the teams as well as keep in touch with their team before the beginning of the project.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please read the infopack below carefully!

To apply, complete the application form

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