VESSEL (Volunteering as an Engine for Solidarity, Social Engagement and Learning opportunities)

MOJU is a youth organization founded by a group of young people who strongly believe in the importance of youth participation in society. It is a non-governmental organization which works at three levels: local, national and international. As such, MOJU is a member of the Federation of Youth Organizations of Algarve, of the National Federation of Youth Organizations and of YEU – Youth for Exchange and Understanding.

Aim: The project will promote young people’s active citizenship in general and European citizenship in particular since living and working abroad will be an important learning experience in itself for the volunteers. Also the contact with the local youth will allow the discussion about the European values with persons from different backgrounds and realities, but also will be a chance to promote changes in different areas and different topics.

Activities: The volunteers will be involved in the activities and projects developed by the hosting organisation and will be encouraged to develop and implement their own projects/ideas.

Duration: 1st of April 2019 – 31 of March 2020 (12 month maximum).

Venue: The project will take place in the southern Portuguese city of Olhão.

Accommodation: MOJU as a hosting and coordinating organisation is responsible for providing the volunteers with accommodation in a safe environment. The volunteer will live in a furnished rented flat shared with other volunteers, close from the office and not far from the centre of the town. The flat contains all the necessary amenities and is divided in different rooms, kitchen and bathroom. The volunteers will have their own bedroom or share it with another volunteer, a shared kitchen and bathroom.

Monthly allowance: A monthly contribution for food will be given to every volunteer in the amount of 120 Euros. Also the volunteer will receive during his stay in Olhão, a monthly pocket money of 150 euros.

Apply: After you carefully read the Info Pack attached below, send your CV and a motivation letter to until the 3rd of April.

European Solidarity Corps portal:

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