Short term and long term ESC opportunities in Bratislava

Assisting BDC (01/08/2022 to 31/10/2022):

Bratislavské dobrovoľnícke centrum – BDC (coordinating and hosting organization) is looking for 3 short-term ESC volunteers for 2 months, a period which enables you, among other, to become a part of all great projects of BDC. You will gain diverse experience ranging from volunteering promotion (verbal and digital) to cultural engagement, environmental preservation and getting your hands dirty outdoors. Volunteers will prepare and help with events such as The Week of volunteering where BDC engages organizations and volunteers to support the local community.

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Social Center Rafael (20/09/2022 to 20/09/2023):

Through this project partnership a participant will contribute to the services of the center Rafael. The young people in the center, who suffer from different disabilities and have special needs, can much easier develop their individual skills through direct contact and personal experience with young people from abroad. 

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Kindergarten RC KRTKO (20/09/2022 to 20/09/2023):

Through this 12-month project, a participant will volunteer for the kindergarten called RC KRTKO (a hosting location) that provides high-quality educational activities for children of 2-6 years of age, focusing on healthy lifestyle, experiential learning, and English language teaching. A volunteer will work directly with kids in the kindergarten, involve in the mentioned agenda topics, organize various activities and games.

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Community work (20/09/2022 to 20/09/2023):

Through this 12-month project, a volunteer will contribute to the org. Mládež ulice (hosting location) and its services – strengthening the local community which a participant will work with. A volunteer will prepare and implement various free time activities for children and youth from socially disadvantaged environments. He/she will engage in managing small events, helping with daily running of the center and doing streetwork in the neighborhood called Rača.

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