Second NCD Youth Conference (29th August to 1st September 2022), Slovenia

The NCD Conference aims to bring together from 80 to 100 public health professionals, youth workers, youth leaders and young people from across Europe, who are interested in increasing health literacy in the context of NCDs.

The theme of the 2nd NCD Youth Conference is “Health Literacy in the Context of NCDs”. Participants will get to explore different aspects of health literacy throughout the programme, interact with the topic in a multitude of ways, build their skills connected to better understanding of health- related data and information for health prevention and promotion, as well as learn about NCDs through the lens of health literacy. Find the detailed program in the info pack.

NCD: “Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), also known as chronic diseases, tend to be of long duration and are the result of a combination of genetic, physiological, environmental and behavioural factors. The main types of NCD are cardiovascular diseases (such as heart attacks and stroke), cancers, chronic respiratory diseases (such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma) and diabetes. NCDs disproportionately affect people in low- and middle-income countries where more than three quarters of global NCD deaths – 31.4 million – occur.” (World Health Organization)

We are looking for public health professionals, youth workers/youth leaders or other people who are interested in this topic and are:

  • over the age of 18
  • a good level of English,
  • who will be willing and committed to participate actively in ALL sessions (about 8 hours a day)
  • Participants should already be involved in youth work/public health or be motivated to get involved

We are looking for 2 participants from Cyprus.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please read the infopack carefully!

To apply, complete the form.

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