Traditions and customs are some of the most integral parts of one’s cultural identity. The European identity is composed of various cultures, each one with its own set of traditions, which together lay the foundation for the creation of a stronger collective European identity. However, some of Europe’s oldest traditions have started to fade for many reasons, sometimes because the people practicing them have grown too old to do so or because those traditions have been replaced by new ones. Thus, there is a need for young people to get to know the traditions of their countries and of those of other countries. In that way they might stop rejecting them and use this knowledge
wisely to move forward.

The aim of this project is to cultivate historical empathy and pay homage to “endangered” or forgotten traditions around Europe. The main goal is to allow youngsters from European countries to become aware of the traditions of their countries and be introduced to traditions from other countries that have started to die out, while exploring and practicing the art of storytelling through photography and video-making.

All the activities will be learner-centered and passive listening will be avoided. The working methods used will be non-formal education methods that will allow the participants to acquire new skills, learn, and share knowledge and ideas. The activities will include energizers, ice-breaking games, teambuilding exercises, interactive presentations, peer to peer education, experiential learning, group work, visits to museums, churches, youth clubs, workshops, role-playing, simulations, brainstorming etc. Particular workshops will be designed for video-making, photography, storytelling, shadow theater and more. The participants will have the time to reflect on their own and in groups, based on what they will learn. The goal is for them to learn and then share this knowledge when they go back to their countries. Working methods will be adapted based on the participants’ characteristics, needs and interests.


• For the participants to learn about the traditions of their own country and get to know the traditions of other European countries.

• To fill the gap between the past and the present since we have realised that there is a gap of knowledge about the past, especially in younger generations.

• To give people the skills to be able to search and learn about the past.

• To raise awareness about the traditions of different countries and allow young people to learn and use this knowledge and even turn it into a profession, fighting unemployment at the same time.

• To enforce intergenerational dialogue by allowing the young people to listen to the older ones and vice versa. During the activities of the project the participants will have the chance to meet the local people of a traditional Cypriot village to conduct oral history interviews.

• To improve the level of English of the participants.

• To familiarize the participants with storytelling and videography techniques in the context of understanding the past.


We are looking for three participants 18-30 years old to join the Youth Exchange.

Please read the  carefully the Info Pack

Interested participants please fill up the Application Form:

Application deadline: 25/9/2018

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