Youth together for the forest of Xylokastro 

This volunteering programme aimed to promote common European values, foster social integration, enhance intercultural understanding, and also the sense of belonging to a community. The long-term aim of hosting/ sending volunteers was to promote solidarity as a value, through volunteering, to enhance the engagement of young people and organisations in accessible and high-quality solidarity activities, and to promote social inclusion and equal opportunities. 

The volunteers were supporting and helping in the everyday work of the environmental program of the municipality of Xylokastro- Evrostinis. They were responsible for the regular watering of the trees, in particular the new trees, which needed more systematic watering. Additionally, the volunteers took care of the cleanness of the walking road of the forest; and rake the leaves, twigs, and cones from that. Part of their responsibilities was to take care of the health of the trees; cutting the branches, and twigs, always with the supervisor and other members and workers of the municipality. The volunteers had the chance to participate in planting trees in the forest. All the equipment, tools, new plants, and special guidance were provided by the municipality. The volunteers were supporting other environmental activities of the municipality outside of the forest like taking care of parks, the marine, the municipal playground in the forest..etc.  

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