STIDE – STImulate DEmocracy: Using Technology to Enhance Democracy 

This KA3 Erasmus+ funded project aimed to address the issue of reshaping Cypriot governance in modern forms of technology to benefit Cypriot citizens especially young Cypriot citizens. That was done by the promotion of the use of ICT tools in the public sector to further enhance good governance, and suggest improving information and service delivery by the public sector, by improving the means used by it. Furthermore, by encourages citizen participation in the decision-making process and makes the government more accountable, transparent, and effective. Last but not least, the project aimed to allow young people from Cyprus to discuss how democratic participation can be boosted by using information technology and to encourage young people to actively participate in democratic life and to interact with decision-makers; but also to discuss among themselves, youth experts and representatives of public authorities about the issue of participation and how we can use technology in our benefit.  

The outcome of the project was a set of recommendations (policy paper): 

The FB event page:

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