Journey to Your Happiness 

YEU Cyprus partnered with 5 other NGOs from all over Europe, to realize the “Journey to Your Happiness” Training Course. A diverse group of 24 people, who all came together in Pedoulas from the 8th until the 16th of April, has explored the concept of happiness. 

The methods used during the Training Course were based on Non-Formal Education and Experiential Learning. 

The project aimed to inspire young people to focus on what makes them happy, which will ultimately make them stronger, and more motivated, and inspire active citizenship. The trainers focused on 10 specific objectives: 1) Making giving to others sustaining, 2) Relating and connecting with people, 3) Taking care of our bodies, 4) Living life mindfully, 5) Keep learning new things 6) Setting new goals, 7) Building on people’s natural resilience, skills and thinking tools, 8) Focusing on feeling good, 9) Treating one’s self, 10) Developing a sense of purpose and understanding. 

Activities included teambuilding exercises, discussions on the topic of happiness, physical activities, such as yoga, dance and tai-chi workshops, and even an Act-it-Out in downtown Nicosia. During the Act-it-Out, the participants gave out free hugs to people passing by, measured their level of happiness, and asked “What makes you happy”, to affect people into thinking a little bit more about the small things in life that make us happy. 

Press Release:

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