1000 LAYERS, youth for creative identities

  • Funded by: Erasmus+
  • Leader organization: La Xixa Teatre as project coordinator (SP)


  • La Xixa Teatre (SP)
    DW-RS (NL)
    Elan Interculturel (FR),
    YEU Cyprus (CY),
    Rooftop Theatre (CY)


1000 Layers is an Erasmus+ strategic partnership involving 5 organizations in 4 countries: DW-RS (NL), Elan Interculturel (FR), YEU Cyprus (CY), Rooftop Theatre (CY) and La Xixa Teatre as project coordinator (SP).Young people belonging to specific minority groups are particularly vulnerable, facing discrimination on the ground of their young age as well as other personal characteristic, such as sexual orientation, gender identity or ethnicity, among others. For those from particularly vulnerable groups such as LGBT Youths and young people from racial or ethnic minorities, their experiences of discrimination have a life-time impact and can have terrible consequences. For example, in 2016, the at-risk-of-poverty or social exclusion rate of young people born outside the EU was an alarming 50%. Social exclusion, discrimination and poverty have an enormous impact on the conformation of identity during adolescence and early Youth, settling the ground floor for young people to turn to violent radicalisation. Youth work has been recognized as a particular fertile space for prevention of violence, radicalisation and marginalization among Youth, by facilitating the development of soft skills and resilience to help young people cope and overcome difficult life situations.

1000 Layers project proposes an innovative methodological approach – the Creative Identities Method – to fill in the current gaps on working with identity in Youth contexts. In particular, we wish to build on and contribute to current practices in addressing generic prevention of radicalization leading to violence among Youth at the ground floor stage of Moghaddam’s six step model, building on EU recommendations and existing literature.

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