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Touching upon several Sustainable Development Goals and the Global Citizenship Education, YEU Cyprus is organising a project structured on a series of seven workshops that will impact the local youth both on a national and international level. Participants of those workshops will gain a more enhanced knowledge of global awareness, citizenship, and sustainability. The project is funded by the European programme Bridge 47.

The workshops have been devised in order to impact the young population of all Cypriot communities. With this in mind, we have structured our workshops to encompass different geographical areas around the country and young people with different backgrounds. The duration of the workshops is three hours and it is based on non-formal methods and experiential learning. Each workshop will be implemented in a collaboration of local NGOs and our partners. The dates and places of the workshops will be announced soon when agreed with our partners.

Our extensive experience suggests that groups have a better understanding of topics on societal issues through non-formal activities and hands on experience. Therefore, the workshops will be employed through non-formal methodologies. Through these methods, we can ensure a direct impact on the participants and therefore the local society. Due to our previous work at a local level we have learned that emphasis needs to be placed upon increasing awareness and knowledge regarding the SDG’s and their long-term societal benefits, especially, since according to the 2019 Global Index, Cyprus has scored an overall performance of 70% regarding the implementation of SDG’s.

Ultimately, the most important role in our project and its long-term impact will be determined by young people, as they will have the opportunity of voicing their opinions regarding what we, as social mediators can do in order to deliver better educational experiences and action in regards to the SDG’s. This will be achieved through the completion of a questionnaire after the implementation of the workshops which will enable us, as a youth organization to deliver upon young people’s needs and actions they would like to see in regards to the SDG’s in Cyprus. The long-term impact will be enhanced by the wide distribution of our survey and its results to local NGO’s, youth councils and educational institutes. 

The overall aim of the proposal is to raise awareness in regard to Global Citizenship, SDG’s, and active participation. We are seeking to accomplish these through non-formal educational activities, bicommunal collaboration, and youth empowerment. This collaborative work will materialise into a manual which will contain our survey, context of the workshops and the results of the survey, which will be shared with local and international partners.

If you have participate in any of the workshops please fill up this questionnaire: http://tiny.cc/vm8akz

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