ISLANDISM: Empowering Participation Through Tradition || Youth Exchange in Cyprus 10/05 – 17/05/2021

With this project we target to empower young marginalised people to be more active citizens through the importance of the tradition that comes from small communities, such as islands and improve their sense of belonging to the European family by examining some problems the participants face in their communities. Through this exchange we are aiming to spread the tradition of different islands that could be forgotten due to their size and location and offer a common space of debate and exchange of ideas to enhance the quality of living of young people who live on islands. This project will enhance participants’ skills in various thematic related to social inclusion, active participation, creativity and communication skills. 

The specific objectives of the exchange are:

  • For the participants to learn about the traditions of their own country but also to get to know the traditions of other marginalised European areas. 
  • To foster active participation and social and civic responsibility in local and European level by engaging young people with EU values through non formal educational activities (tolerance, solidarity, etc).
  • To promote creativity and innovation as well as digital skills through the use of different software during the production of audiovisual material to promote their tradition.
  • To develop participants’ skills to be able to search and learn about social issues and inclusion. 
  • To make people more aware of different island challenges and opportunities which will result in the connection of people with different backgrounds from similar geographical situations by improving their active listening.
  • To provide participants with a deepened self-knowledge and develop their communication in English and other foreign languages.
  • To strengthen participants’ knowledge of the Erasmus+ Programme and to provide them with a solid network of international partners.
  • To foster participants facilitation and leadership skills for non-formal activity through the workshop each national team has to organise during the exchange.

We are looking for four participants aged 18-30 to take part in the youth exchange.

Accommodation and food is fully covered by the programme

Please read carefully the Info Pack

If you are interested please fill up the Application-Form until 15/03.

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