Problem gambling and gambling addiction is a serious but often overlooked issue both in Finland and Cyprus. An estimated 124 000 residents (3,3%) in Finland have a gambling problem and nearly 20% of Finnish residents has a relative whose gambling was out of control. A recent school survey
published in spring 2017 showed that 7.1% of eighth and ninth graders said they gambled once or twice weekly. The study released by Cyprus’ National Betting Authority in March 2018 showed alarming figures e.g. 13 % of gamblers show symptoms of possible problematic behaviour and 6% can
be described as pathological gamblers. On average, Cypriots start playing games of chance at the age of 12.5 with 31% saying they first partook in a gambling activity with their father and 19% with their mother. Cypriot pupils, both boys and girls gamble the most out of all pupils in the EU.

This project aims to improve the understanding, competence and ability of both organisations to support their target groups and work with young
people. This will be the achieved by organising different LTT activities (training, workshops, study visits) in both Finland and Cyprus. The focus will be at developing and promoting quality youth work in both organisations. Sosped Foundation and YEU Cyprus will organize a training in Cyprus to increase the awareness about problem gambling and introduce an effective model for tackling the problem locally. A second training will take place in Finland involving new and effective ways to reach and help young people. The goal is to find new ways to raise awareness among youth through non- formal education and experiential learning.

Main outcomes of the project are:

  • Train 6 youth/young people and 4 trained personnel
  • Increase awareness about problem gambling and a model for tackling the problem locally
  • Development of organisation’s youth work (problem gamblers and their significant others as new target group, new training, peer support and mentoring models)
  • New perspective and experience in European/Erasmus+ co-operation

The first training course will be implement in Larnaca in Cyprus between 10-15 of June with the aim to explore how to tackle problem gambling in youth work.


  • Increase the awareness of problem gambling
  • Awareness on the Cypriot reality of the problematic gambling and its regulation
  • To create materials for young people on gambling to multiply the outcome of the workshop  

Participants will be accommodated in Flamingo hotel in rooms of two people. Transportation will be offered to the venue, as well as, three meals and two coffee breaks. There will be participants from Cyprus and Finland.

We are looking for 8 participants who have an interest in the topic of gambling to join the TC.

If you are interested, please fill up the Application-Form and send it to with the topic Bet Your Life.

The second training aims to bring forward new and effective ways to reach and help young people on problematic gambling. It will be implement in Helsinki, Finland between 26-30 of August. Interested participants are requested to participate in the first training.

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