Green is a new black. Sustainability a new living paradigm. YE | Pedoulas, Cyprus.

YEU Cyprus is happy to announce our Youth Exchange “Green is a new black. Sustainability as a living paradigm”, which will take place in village of Pedoulas in Cyprus, from the 23rd-29th of October, 2022

Even though young people are aware about climate change, the lack of knowledge on how important sustainability is are evident. There is a need for more knowledge, instruments and practices on how to deal with these issues on a personal level. Many young people would like to make sustainability a leading principle of life, and for that we need systematic knowledge, skills, and habits to support sustainability. Through this youth exchange we want to explore deeply the topic of sustainability and try to apply it to our lives. Moreover, we are looking for real practices of fighting climate change, being more inclusive and knowing how we can contribute to the UN SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals).

1) To learn about sustainability, as principles of ecology, economy and equity, on a practical level.
2) To discover together with participants effective ways to contribute to the UN SDG’s on a daily basis.
3) To gain experience, knowledge and habits of being sustainable and integrate them in our lives practice as is the CO2 footprint compensation.
4) To produce materials and implement projects that raise awareness about practical sustainability.
5) To enhance participant’s awareness about inclusion, diversity, and cultural differences.


  • Young people who wish to contribute with their knowledge and experiences to the project;
  • Young people who wish to exchange knowledge and/or want to learn about sustainability and what we can do about it;
  • Young people who are ready to participate in all activities and will commit to dissemination activities after the Youth Exchange;
  • Young people who are engaged in local organisations as members or volunteers;
  • Young people who understand that this project is not a vacation or trip to Cyprus, but a learning project;
  • Young people who are 18 to 30 years old (except leaders who can be over 30 years old).

> Limited liability company “Movement Sfera” (Russian Federation) 5 participants+ 3 leaders
>UNITED SOCIETIES OF BALKANS (Greece) 5 participants+ 1 leader
>Asociacion Participa Joven Cr (Spain) 5 participants+ 1 leader
>JOETZ vzw (Belgium) 5 participants+ 1 leader

When? 23rd-29th of October, 2022 (+2 traveling days)

Where? Elyssia Hotel in Pedoulas, Nicosia – Cyprus.

Accommodation and Food is covered by the project, since this is an Erasmus+ opportunity.

For Cyprus, we are currently looking for 5 young people (18-30 years old) and 1 group leader (30+ years old)

Before applying please read carefully the info pack below.

The application form can be found here.

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