Welcome to Europe

On July 6th 2017, YEU Cyprus organized a training addressed to 30 youth workers and teachers on the topic of integration, campaigning and awareness raising on the situation of refugees in Cyprus!

During the training, the participants became familiar with the legal framework, the Public Services and centers for asylum seekers and refugees in Cyprus.

We had the honor to have as speakers Mr Gettos Evangelos, the Policy and Advocacy Officer of “Hope for Children” ,Ms Hadjichistodoulou Elena, the Child Protection Officer of Future World Center (FWC) and Mrs Zalokosta Mary, the Legal Advisor of  FWC.

Mr Gettos talked about the integration of young refugees in Cyprus while Ms Hadjichristodoulou and Ms Zalokosta talked about the rights of asylum seekers and refugees in Cyprus.

Following that, the participants were introduced to real case scenarios and work on the field.

The last part of the training was about awareness raising campaigns.  The participants were separated in seven groups and were given 20-25 minutes to develop an awareness raising campaign on issues related to refugees. These campaigns will be further developed by the participants and will be presented in a meeting in YEU Cyprus within this month. We will then have a competition and the representatives of the winning campaign will have the chance to travel to Madrid, where they will have  meet the winning teams from the campaigns of Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary and Spain. There, they will exchange information and design an awareness raising campaign at European level.

We would like to thank our speakers, Mr Gettos, Ms Hadjichistodoulou, Ms Zalokosta and our trainer, Ms Nantia Kornioti for their contributions!

The training was organized within the context of the Erasmus + project ”Welcome to Europe”.




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