Volunteers Needed for Interviews about Education, Identity and Peace-Making in Cyprus

Exploring the impacts of everyday peace-making and memory in the production of youth identities in a divided Cyprus.

Ethics Approval Reference: SOGE C1B 24 66

This study aims to assess how youth identities in Cyprus are evolving, based on the experiences of young people in Cyprus who have participated in both the
formal education system and informal education-based peace programmes. This research seeks to understand the processes involved in forming young
peoples’ identities and memories in a conflict-affected society.

We are looking for volunteers who identify as either Greek Cypriot or Turkish Cypriot and who are aged between 18 and 30 to take part in a short interview
about their experiences of education and its role in forming their identities, memories and views about the geopolitical situation in Cyprus.

Participants should have experienced the formal education system in Cyprus AND some informal civil-society programmes promoting peace and
collaboration in Cyprus. Those who have participated in the ‘Imagine’ programme, youth peace camps or any other bi-communal peace-making
activity are encouraged to come forward.

If you fit the above profile, you are invited to participate in an interview to discuss your views. You can choose whether you prefer to be interviewed
online or face-to-face. Each session would take about an hour of your time and would be conducted in English.

You would be asked to discuss your opinions and experiences of the geopolitical situation in Cyprus, your identity, your interactions with other
communities and your thoughts on the future of your generation on the island. Interviews will focus on your experience of the schooling system in Cyprus and
any other experiences you might have of civil-society peace-making programmes. You would be asked a number of set questions, followed by a
more personal conversation about the themes outlined above.

Please feel free to share details of this study with any other potential participants matching the above profile. If you are interested and would like more information, please contact Ethan Chandler on ethan.chandler@chch.ox.ac.uk. There is no obligation to take part.

Thank you!

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