STAR: StoryTell A Right Y/E in Dymes, Cyprus | 2-11 September

Human rights education is a human right itself and this topic is often ignored in schools and in formal ways of education. Hence, young people are not aware of their own rights which lead to the non active societies and citizenship, to the empowerment of toxic leadership and to the increase of unemployment and exploitation. Thus, the reason of this project is to make young people more aware on issues of discrimination and civil rights in order to decrease the radicalisation of small communities which are more sensitive in such topics.

The overall aim of the project is to improve the level of awareness of young people, including marginalised youth, in the topic of human rights, anti discrimination and social inclusion in European and non-European countries. Including countries with different religious background, we are aiming to promote diversity, intercultural and inter-religious dialogue by using non-formal educational activities. Participants will be equipped with skills and digital competences, in order to be able to transfer the knowledge and fundamental gained through this exchange, to their local communities. Such skills include storytelling techniques, as well as, video making and editing.


  • To increase awareness about the human rights education and its importance in participants’ countries, while also getting to know the situation of other countries; European and non.
  • To develop participants’ skills to be able to search and learn about social issues and inclusion. This knowledge can then be used to build their future, since they can use it to enrich their career opportunities, and it will also allow them to enhance their critical thinking.
  • To promote intergenerational integration and the exchange of viewpoints: Young people will be actively involved with older people in some activities of this project.
  • To enhance visual communication skills and the creativity of participants by the familiarisation with storytelling and video making techniques in the context of understanding the importance of civic awareness.
  • To develop active participation, social and civic responsibility and the competence of empathy as a skill by exploring NFE methods and techniques. Not only will participants engage in NFE activities, they will also get the chance and space to coordinate their own NFE workshops; through a co- working space.
  • To promote intercultural values and diversity through inter-religious dialogue by developing interpersonal and intercultural skills of the participants that will lead to new international friendships and future collaborations.
  • To provide participants with a deepened self-knowledge and develop their communication in English, as well as, in their mother language.


We are looking for 3 participants 18-30 to participate in this Youth Exchange. Participants should be Cypriots or Cyprus Residents.

Accommodation, food and travel expenses are fully covered by the programme

Please read carefully the Infopack:

If you are interested please fill up the Application form

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