Social Solidarity in Cyprus Project

Youth for Exchange and Understanding Cyprus released at 1st of September 2016 the project called “Social Solidarity in Cyprus” which is going to last until the end of February 2017, funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the EU under Key Action 3 (Support for policy reform – Structured Dialogue).

The aim of “Social Solidarity in Cyprus” is to hear the views of youth in social inclusion and racism issues in Cyprus and to urge young people to learn and discuss with policy makers about these issues themselves.

Opportunity will be given to Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots, Armenians, Maronites, Latins, but also to social groups often suffering discrimination as women, homosexuals, disabled or foreigners (i.e. recognized refugees or immigrants) living permanently in Cyprus, to discuss and express how they envision an ideal society and how this can be done. In the same time, the project will give youth the opportunity to sit with various policy makers and to address all this aspects.

One of the most important actions of the project it is a two-day Conference between 26th -27th of November 2016 designed to equip participants with knowledge about Structured Dialogue and about how these issues can be solved. Speakers, policy makers and participants will exchange views and suggest ways in which they can confront issues in Cyprus from this topic.

Later on, the project will involve the release of an electronic questionnaire with the aim of collecting a large number of opinions which will be include in a policy paper produced in order to be forwarded to all relevant bodies both in Cyprus (eg in the House of Representative and / or the Ombudsman, the Commissioner for Human Rights, etc.) and abroad.

The importance and need of such a project is evident after the recent developments. Social inclusions, racism issues, are important concepts to be addressed in a European context that promotes diversity, citizenship, initiative with the purpose of breaking down stereotypes and prejudices.

New details will follow soon!

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