The SEX-EDU project aims to positively influence inclusive sexual and emotional education programmes at national and European level to foster well-being among young people with diverse backgrounds including those who are often marginalized such as second-generation immigrants, people with disabilities, members of the queer community, and more. 

Sex education provides information about puberty and reproduction, contraception, gender identity, and sexuality, while emotional education teaches how to identify, understand, and manage one’s own emotions and feelings. Both should offer tools to help young people communicate appropriately and make informed choices about sexual intercourse and their sexual health as well as provide youth workers and educators with the proper instruments and tools to approach the topic inclusively and comprehensively, ultimately improving their skills.

The objectives of the SEX-EDU project are:

  • Strengthen the skills, competencies, and capacities of youth workers and organisations for providing inclusive sexual and emotional educational activities and programmes
  • Develop an innovative practical training program to enable organisations and youth workers to plan, implement and evaluate effective inclusive sexual and emotional education programs for young people.
  • Create digital educational contents- recommendations, practices and empower youth workers and young people. 
  • Encourage young people to become peer promoters and raise awareness about the importance of sexual and emotional education.

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