Local To Global

Touching upon several Sustainable Development Goals and Global Citizenship Education, YEU Cyprus has organized a project structured on a series of seven workshops that impacted 100 local youth. The seven different workshops were created for young people aged 16-35 years old, with the consultation of an expert to provide us with an appropriate educational structure for our workshops. The workshops were scheduled to take place in different locations and through collaborations across the island, reach participants from different geographical locations and backgrounds. The workshops were implemented online, still in collaboration with organizations from across the island reaching the target that we aimed for. Specifically, the workshops that were implemented online were: one open to the public another open to volunteers that work in Nicosia, the rest in collaboration with the 71st Scout Movement in Kaimakli Nicosia, GIGEM (NGO in Kyrenia), Famagusta Avenue Garage, Youth Council of Odou and with the organization Soma Akriton Youth organization.

The overall aim of the proposal was to raise awareness regarding Global Citizenship, SDG’s, and active participation. We managed to accomplish these through non-formal educational activities, bicommunal collaboration, and youth empowerment. This collaborative work was materialised into a manual which contains our survey we did during the workshops, context of the workshops and the results of the survey.

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