Green it Up

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  • Period: May 2023 – May 2024
  • Leader organization: YEU Cyprus
  • Funded by: European Solidarity Corps


The 2023-2024 ESC project Green-it Up aims beyond bringing youth from different countries together under common European goals and solidarity, to advocate for sustainability and environmental action/s.

Through participation in non-formal education, Green-it up promotes awareness on sustainability and climate change and builds the ECO capacity of YEU Cyprus and other NGOs. It aims to increase cooperation among youth towards the elimination or decreasing environmentally harmful production and consumption. Through cooperation in research that enhances innovation on sustainability, as well as non-formal trainings, the ESC volunteers will eventually promote awareness on sustainability and climate change by implementing educational and volunteering activities and opportunities for young people in Cyprus.

The volunteers during the 12 months of their ESC will plan, organize and implement the following, or part of it:

  • Educational/informative seminars on climate change, biodiversity, sustainable development etc
  • Public interventions and campaigns (online/virtual or live campaigns) such as videos, artworks and performances.
  • EcoArt Workshops with sustainable materials (recurring, or isolated events).
  • Eco-field trips as suggestions of best practices and study visits.
  • Proposal writing for youth mobility on the topics of sustainability and the environment
  • Podcast/radio show with relevant topics
  • Manual on activities that promote sustainability, blog and articles
  • Actions that sustain the sustainability of YEU Cyprus as an NGO.
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