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YEU Cyprus Board and Team

20th Anniversary Celebrations – News Flash!

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Exciting News!

The EMYS Youth Get-together!

This month, participants of the EMYS Youth Networking Event met again, this time online, to catch up with each other!

It was a great opportunity to reflect on the knowledge and skills they acquired through their participation and share what they would like to see in future projects.

Luckily, the deadline for new proposals is approaching

A day of creativity at Morningside Montessori!

As part of the “Green It Up!” project, one of our great volunteers Jana, facilitated an activity with students from the Morningside Montessori School to create posters!

The students participated in a presentation by Enalia Physis about monk seals, an endangered species that is found in Cyprus. After the presentation, Jana guided the students in creating awareness-raising posters about the monk seals. And the outcomes were amazing!

This month the European Solidarity Corps volunteers hosted a guest: Ziba Sertbay!

Ziba, with a background in social psychology and experience with various NGOs, dropped by our office to discuss her experience with a more sustainable way of living. She discussed topics such as ecological solutions to local agriculture and production and practices of permaculture. We learned a ton about environmental solutions to a variety of daily practices.


…Kleovoulos Stylianou!

My journey with YEU Cyprus began in 2018 when I stepped in as a Project Manager. Over the years, my dedication motivated me to become a member of the Board of Directors with the last year having the honor of being the president. My long-term involvement at YEU Cyprus showcases my passion for youth work and volunteerism.

My primary concerns are connected to youth development through non-formal education. For this reason, I am participating in workshops and other related initiatives to upskill and transfer my knowledge to society.


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