Managing Diversity for More Inclusive Youth Work in Europe, Netherlands/Armenia

“Managing Diversity for More Inclusive Youth Work in Europe” aims to support 30 youth workers, educators and youth trainers across Europe in the development of their diversity management skills and in learning how to implement a culture of diversity in their working environments by increasing diversity-oriented awareness in their work with young people.

The project is born out of our concern that many young people in Europe lack opportunities and spaces to get involved and express themselves. Being different from mainstream societies, many are being excluded and marginalized.


The Long Term Training Course is intended for youth workers, youth trainers, and educators who are ready to work on the topics of diversity, inclusion, and anti-discrimination in order to activate the potential of diversity in training and work with young people at national and the European levels.

The project consists of 3 stages:

  • Training Course in Ommen, the Netherlands (June 10-17, 2022)
  • Local Activities in all the Participating Countries
  • Seminar in Armenia (October, 2022 – dates yet to be confirmed)

We are looking for 2 participants from Cyprus for the trainings course!

If you are interested in this opportunity, please take the time to read the info-pack carefully!

And submit your application with this form!

For help or other information’s contact:

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