The Youth Department of the City Council of Cartagena is a municipal public service aimed at meeting the demands and needs of young people in Cartagena in any field in which they arise, from employment to housing, health, education, social care, rights as citizens, international mobility, training and healthy leisure

The volunteer will support the work of the staff of the various services and programmes of the Youth Department with activities such as:

– The promotion and dissemination of youth programmes in workshops and presentations in youth organisations and Secondary Schools of the city of Cartagena. The volunteer will contribute with their knowledge, culture, language, interests, concerns and motivations on topics related to European citizenship, cultural identity, etc.

– Providing support in the organization and development of the different programmes, workshops and leisure activities organized to benefit the young people of Cartagena.

– Designing and implementing socio-cultural activities with children and young participants of the programmes they are involved in and with groups with special difficulties or at risk of social exclusion, such as Botica del Libro, Cáritas, Cruz Roja, Ápices, Asido or Accem, among others. Also promoting and facilitating the knowledge and experience of different and complex realities.

– The volunteer will have to develop a personal project that responds to their interests, feelings, identity and professional objective. The Youth Department will provide them with the necessary resources for the development of a personal proposal with added value.

If you are interested to take the opportunity, please have a look at the infopack very carefully and choose the opportunity for which you are interested!

To apply, please send your CV and motivation letter to

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