EMYS Manifesto Publication 

The EMYS Network, and the consortium of the EMYS project, are proud to release the EMYS Manifesto –  a bold declaration of the network’s intentions, goals, views, and policy suggestions on youth participation. The Network is a group of 50 young people from Austria, Cyprus, N. Macedonia, Spain, and Sweden and was created during a Youth Networking Event that took place in Nicosia, Cyprus between the 1-5 of December 2023 in the framework of the Erasmus +  project EMYS – Engaging Marginalized Youth for Sustainability.  

During the 5-day event, the participants discussed youth advocacy and lobbying through non-formal activities workshops, and group reflections on communication strategies, fundraising, EU Youth dialogue, and understanding local contexts and social initiatives. The culmination of this learning experience has been the EMYS Manifesto which has been disseminated to relevant stakeholders in the participating countries, including to members of the civil society and youth work sectors, policymakers, and decision-makers aiming to inform and draw their attention to the real, ongoing concerns and hopes regarding youth participation.  

The document was written and visually designed collaboratively using the World Cafe method and was edited by YEU Cyprus, coordinator of the EMYS project 

About the EMYS project:  

The EMYS (Engaging Marginalized Youth for Sustainability) project, funded by the Erasmus+ program, focuses on empowering youth to undertake and run sustainable projects for social change.  

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