Acts of Young People (ACTs), Pedoulas Village, 25-29 April 2017

Between 25 and 29 of April 2017, YEU Cyprus hosted more than 50 people from 17 different European countries (Cyprus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Lithuania, Romania, United Kingdom, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Slovakia, Spain, Greece, Poland, Portugal), within the context of the Erasmus + project ‘’Acts of Young People (ACTs)’’. The project was based on the method of structured dialogue.

The aim of the project ACTs was to embolden and inspire young people in their ability to participate actively in society in line with the provisions of the Lisbon Treaty; and to stimulate the development of participatory democracy of young people.

Following a consultation of young people in the 17 countries in the form of a questionnaire on matters relating to participation in democratic life, the second part of the project was the 4 day conference between young people, during which decision makers and youth experts were invited to talk about the theme of participation in democratic life.

We had the honour to have as speakers Mr Nektarios Nicolaides, the Public Relations Officer of the European Parliament Information Office in Cyprus and Ms Christiana Xenofontos and Mr Nikolaos Christofi from the Cyprus Youth Council.

During the conference, young people had to work in mixed teams to conclude to a set of concrete recommendations on the topic of youth participation in the democratic life. Based on those recommendations, YEU Cyprus produced the following policy paper in order to forward it to the policy makers at national and European level with the view to be used for future policy making in the field of participatory democracy, active citizenship and youth.

Policy Paper ACTS

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