3 different ESC Projects in Romania

Curba de Cultură, a Romanian NGO focused on working with young people in rural areas. Is offering 3 different ESC Projects:

1. Tinemobilul – Fury Road

Tinemobilul – Fury Road, the first and only mobile Youth Centre in Romania, focused on planning and implementing activities with our mobile Youth Centre in different villages of the Teleajen Valley. Find more Information’s here!

2. Community Kitchen:

Community Kitchen as a project aims to bring together the community around everything related to food, promoting and preserving the local culinary heritage as well as introducing international food culture to our community. Read more Information’s here!

3. Schroedinger’s Culture(al) Dilemma:

Schroedinger’s Culture(al) Dilemma as project aims to provide cultural content, such as workshops, organizing events and educational activities for young people to the enlarged community of Izvoarele commune. Find more Information’s here!

If you are interested in this opportunity, please read the infopacks very carefully! To apply, please send your CV  and a personalized motivation letter to evs@yeu-cyprus.org

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