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Youth Exchange in Yerevan, Armenia - 2019

The experience of the Cypriot team

The Cypriot team had been constituted from 5 different personalities who perfectly matched to each other from the very first moment. Each one of us contributed to make this experience even more enjoyable. Good teams create good memories!

The Project:

The aim of the project was to learn about cultural diversity in different parts of Europe, share information concerning the migration and refugees in out countries and stress out that diversity should be promoted and treasured. The project focused on activities which provided us awareness regarding how the Intercultural Learning can be used as a tool against radicalization. Furthermore through the project we had the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas on the concepts of intercultural society which have become controversial. 

Regarding Armenia, from the first encounter we realized how special and different is this country. The innumerable unfortunate incidents that Armenia faced in the pass were obvious at every corner of the country but Armenian people proved us that bliss and gentleness are more important. During the project, the social activities stood out, in as much they gave us the occasion to socialize with the local people by discovering the city centre, historical places and other beautiful places of Armenia. The venue was nice and located in a walk distance from the city center therefore it contributed a lot to the amazing experience that we had.

The Outcome: 

We had the chance to seek and discuss possible solutions against prejudice towards refugees and Migration. Last but not least, we would like to thanks YEU Cyprus for the opportunity to participate in the Youth Exchange and have this amazing experience.



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